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Dental Emergencies | Grapevine, TX

Dr. West’s commitment to his patient’s dental health is evident through his emergency after hours care. If you experience a dental emergency outside normal business hours, please call the office at (817) 281-3444 for instructions on how to receive immediate assistance.
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What steps should I take if an entire tooth is knocked out (Avulsion)?
  1. Avoid additional trauma to tooth while handling. Do NOT handle the tooth by the root. Do NOT brush or scrub tooth. Do NOT sterilize tooth.
  2. If debris is on tooth, gently rinse with water.
  3. If possible, reimplant tooth and stabilize by biting down gently on a towel or handkerchief. Only do this if the individual is alert and conscious.
  4. If unable to re-implant the tooth:
    • Best – Place tooth in Hank’s Balanced Saline Solution.
    • 2nd best – Place tooth in cold milk.
    • 3rd best – Wrap tooth in saline-soaked gauze.
    • 4th best – Place tooth under individual’s tongue, ONLY if the individual is conscious and alert.
    • 5th best – Place tooth in cup of water.
  5. Time is very important. Re-implantation within 30 minutes has the highest success rate. Contact DFW Smiles immediately to schedule time with the dentist.
I have a temporary crown in my mouth. What happens if it comes off or breaks?
When a temporary crown falls off or breaks, reattach the crown using dental adhesive or toothpaste. Call us immediately so we can schedule an appointment to replace it. We may reapply the temporary crown, remake it if necessary or simply place the permanent crown if it is available.
What steps should I take for a tooth that has been knocked out of the correct alignment, but is still in the socket (luxation)?

Depending upon the new position of the tooth, follow the appropriate instructions below.

  1. For an extruded tooth (upper tooth hands down and/or lower tooth raised)
    1. Reposition tooth in socket using firm finger pressure.
    2. Stabilize tooth by gently biting on towel or handkerchief.
    3. Call DFW Smiles to be seen immediately.
  2. For a laterally displaced tooth (pushed back or pulled forward)
    1. Try to reposition tooth using finger pressure.
    2. If local anesthetic is required to reposition tooth, stabilize tooth by gently biting on towel or handkerchief.
    3. Call DFW Smiles to be seen immediately.
  3. For an intruded Tooth (tooth pushed into gum – looks short)
    1. DO NOTHING – avoid any repositioning of tooth.
    2. Call DFW Smiles to be seen immediately.
What steps should I take for a fractured of broken tooth?
  1. If the tooth is totally broken in half, save the broken portion and bring to DFW Smiles  immediately, as described under Avulsion, Step 4.
  2. Stabilize the portion of the tooth left in mouth by gently biting on a towel or handkerchief to control the bleeding.
  3. Should extreme pain occur, limit contact with other teeth, air or tongue. Pulp nerve may be exposed, which is extremely painful.
  4. Immediately transport patient and tooth fragments to DFW Smiles.

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