Dental Health Membership

Here’s something to smile about! In response to our patients, we have created an innovative dental health program. The key here is combining preventative and restorative dental care.

Besides brushing and flossing daily, when it comes to value, regular check-ups are the best investment for a healthy mouth. We want to do our part to make optimum care available and affordable to all our patients. Please call us at DFW Smiles Phone Number 817-281-3444 with your questions.

This is NOT dental insurance. The program does not have a maximum for dental treatment allowed, and there is no deductible or per-office visit fee. The best part is you receive a 15% discount on all dental treatment during your membership!

Annual Benefit Includes*

2 Dental Cleanings
2 Fluoride Treatments
Regular Exams
ALL Emergency Exams with X-rays
All Necessary X-rays
15% discount on any and all other diagnosed dental treatment and services


Example Inclusions:

2 Healthy Mouth Dental Cleanings $99 X 2 = $198
2 Regular Exams $56 X 2 = $112
2 Fluoride Treatments $35 X 2 = $70
Emergency Exam with Xray (minimum) 1 = $116
All Necessary X-rays (4 Bitewings + 2 PAs) = $136
Total Cost = $632
Typical Savings in Program = $182

All this plus an additional 15% Discount on all dental treatment with membership

*This is not dental insurance. This program cannot be used with any insurance, benefits, discounts, special offers, promotions, or outside our office. Any part of this program not used within a year of purchase is forfeited. New programs begin on date payment is received. Cancelled plans due to unforeseen events will default to regular treatment fees before refunds are given.

All services included in this plan must be completed in our office. Any services provided outside our office are your responsibility and are not subject to any of our health programs or discounts. This program cannot be transferred to another person. Benefits are only available to the enrolled member. This program cannot be used or combined with any services provided prior to the date of initial sign-up. Membership expires one year from date payment is received.


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How long are the DFW Smiles Health Program benefits available?

Can the DFW Smiles Health Program benefits be “shared” or “given” to someone else?

Are DFW Smiles Health Program benefits available to me when referred to a specialist?

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