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Patient Testimonials

Debra A. “Excellent experience every time I come. Dr. West is great!!! Jessicah is the best hygienist!! The staff is always friendly! They take my insurance, but not contracted with them and I had to pay 63 dollars for my visit back in March, but as I’ve told people and Dr. West and Jessicah today it is so worth the money!! I will continue coming for my cleanings!! I love this place”
Susanna J. “The first time I saw Dr. West, several years ago, it was a referral from one of his employees. Now, this can make you skeptical until you find out that this employee has been happy with who they work for after 20 years. To me, that says a great deal. No one works for an employer for that long anymore. I was very nervous during that first visit as I had not been to a dentist in many years. As a result, my heart rate was up, I was on edge, talking too much. I was expecting a scolding about the health of my teeth but, everyone made sure I was as comfortable as possible during that visit, especially after I told them my apprehension. No one scolded me. They simply wanted to help and it started from the Receptionist, to the Hygenist, to Dr. West. I returned for my follow ups with a great deal of trust with my new dentist, Dr. West and his whole staff. None of them failed in keeping my trust. Ever. I recently had a silly emergency and they were able to get me in within hours (now, I can’t say that is always the case, but it was a relief for me). The whole staff is very friendly and courteous, they are always smiling. Dr. West is an honest and real person and I have no doubt this is why his staff is so considerate and follow his lead. I still do not have dental insurance but, Dr. West’s office offers a great plan if you are in my situation. I’ve already scheduled an appointment for a check up.”

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